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Colombian Emeralds

The brigth dawn

LOD Jewelry in Puerto Vallarta is the product of experience and dedication with art and jewelry, we are a family dedicated to making the best designs, we have a variety of precious stones such as Colombian Emeralds, Tahiti Pearls, Mexican Opals, Topaz, Rubies, among others.

We are characterized by the quality follow-up that is carried out in our estates, where we travel to Boyaca Colombia to get these pieces, then we take the time to develop the designs of each of our creations.

In LOD you will find the support of a family that over the years has taken the best jewelry techniques to deliver a product that becomes a symbol to our customers.

If you have a design in mind we will make it a reality, turning your wishes into spectacular jewelry.

You can visit our shop located in Puerto Vallarta, Corona Street 164, where the owners will attend you directly, take a great experience in this place full of color and beauty.