Biography David Lopez

David was born the second of five siblings, the family is still unified and very close to this day. He studied art in Colombia. His parents were dedicated and actively encouraged artistic expression in their home. His father’s art studio, a place of respect, was located in their family home. “Ricardo Lopez V”, David’s father, is a recognized artist in the city of Bogota, for his techniques with acrylics, oil, and watercolor painting. He was featured in the national level in such publications as “Maravillosa Colombia”. Because of his exposure to fine art from such a young age, and his studies, David naturally transformed into an artist. His technical knowledge and his deep knowledge of materials contribute to his transformative work from the priming the canvas to his finished product, since his childhood he has been in contact with accomplished artists, he was also influenced by artists of theCusquena School”, Peruvian artists like Luis Cabrera, Nestor Soto. He possesses technique that clearly declares joy through bright color expression and figurative shapes, extending to touch the edge of the abstract, and finally perfected in the inspiration of loose and free style of Jackson Pollock, his work entertains the simplest to most sophisticated artistic taste. The combination of background cold shades in contrast with the warm tones of the main theme creates a visual richness which mimics poetic expression, his work has been prestigiously recognized and available to the Colombian public in one of the oldest galleries in Bogota, “La Galleria de Navas & Navas”, which has carried on the artistic tradition of Bogota since the 1800’s. To finalize but not end his history, his artistic endeavors have been published in the “Revista del Congreso” and shown in expositions held at the “Casa de la Cultura de Chia Cundinamara” as well as in the “Casa de la Cultura Alzate Avendano” in Bogota, making his magnificent artistic voice more accessible to the public.







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