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Is a family business that started in 2009 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We specialize in Colombian emeralds, but utilize a variety of precious and semi precious stones.  Because we are passionate about the art and the quality of each of our creations, we do a complete follow-up on the acquisition of our gems.  Our Colombian emeralds are sourced from the mines of Boyacá Colombia where we travel every year to obtain these extraordinary stones. The Magdalena mine, located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico is the origin of our Mexican opals. We also purchase only the finest Tahitian pearls from the beautiful Tahitian Islands in the South Pacific.  All of our stones go through a selection process before being included in our jewelry, supporting the authenticity and quality of the materials. Influenced by art from around the world, LOD Jewelry ‘The bright dawn’ incorporates real works of art in to every one of our designs. Making your piece unique and unforgettable.